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As more pet parents switch to grain free-kibble, they’re taking a closer look at popular medical diets. With products made up of GMO corn, wheat gluten, chicken meal and meat by-products, pet parents don’t want to feed it to their pets. Especially when their fur babies are sick.

Here at NutriCura, we offer a better way. Our mission is to help pets live longer and thrive. That’s why our products are made with 100% whole-food ingredients. They are all-natural, grain-free and air dehydrated to ensure that all the nutrition is locked in. 

Give your pet parents peace of mind with a product they can trust.

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Our veterinarian partner program is designed for veterinary offices like yours. Whether you want to stock your lobby with pet-healthy nutrition or order on a case-by-case basis for your patients, we make it easy. We offer exclusive discounts on our products so you can provide the best pet care options.

Benefits of NutriCura

We offer high-end, specialty medical diets to combat some common ailments. Our supplements and medical diet products help with: 

  • Weight Management

  • Skin and food sensitivity issues

  • Kidney and renal health

Homemade Diets Done Right

We know that if done incorrectly, cooking for pets can have disastrous consequences, but we understand the primary motivation of wanting to know what’s going into your pet’s food. Our medical diet base mix allows pet parents to give their fresh protein to their pets while ensuring that they are getting a balanced and effective medical diet. 

Our products include: 

  • Complete Dog Food

  • Dog Food Base Mix

  • Supplements

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